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Roisin Hilliard

Reliable team. They picked up my leaflets and delivered them promptly. I highly recommend them.

Bakar S

I had the pleasure dealing with “Click and Leaflet”. My business saw an almost 80% increase in client inquiries and 59% increase in sales. I see this as a tremendous increase in profit and will certainly instruct Click and Leaflet to carry out more field marketing for our organisation. Special thanks to Alex and his […]

Pamela O

This is one the best leafleting companies in London. I received a very professional service from Click and Leaflet who were very thorough in the planning and preparation of distributing my leaflets. I have seen a very good response in the leaflets that Services Depot has distributed literally started to see a high response straight away. […]

Charlotte A

Excellent service. Great service, helped expand our business and customer database via canvassing. Highly efficient and highly recommended.



Advertise to high street businesses, retailers, cafes, restaurants, newsagents etc.

Door-To-Door Distribution


The most popular form of leafleting, targeted drops, or large blanket drops to cover large areas, anything from 1000 units – 100,000 + units.

Print and Send


Have specific addresses? Have your flyers printed and sent in the mail.

Direct Mailing


If you have a targeted drop or specific streets, let us know so we can tailor your drop.